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Lemm1030 Studio is focused on providing 

high-quality service & customer satisfaction. 

We are an exclusive Paul Mitchell Hair Studio located in beautiful Buena Vista, Colorado.

Lemm1030 Studio is creating art thru community! 

Visit Lemm1030's newest blog for more details.

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Celebrating over 30 years of experience, LeAnna's passion for the industry & continued education continues to grow.

A salon owner & entrepreneur,

LeAnna owned & operated 

The Salon Design Team in Dublin, Ohio 

before moving to Colorado in 2013;

Opening Lemm1030 Hair Studio in 2015

in Buena Vista, Colorado, 

LeAnna enjoys sharing her years of experience behind the chair as well as continuing 

her education in music & business. 

As a Paul Mitchell Associate since 1998, National Color Educator & Platform Artist;

LeAnna has worked & trained alongside Master Associates, Artistic & Regional Directors, 

Educators, & amazing Stylists; 

Creating an environment for stylists & clients to enjoy 

the art of color, cutting, & product knowledge with the love of the Paul Mitchell culture.

As a full-time student at Coletrain Music Academy since December 2020,

LeAnna has been given the opportunity to learn from

 masters in the music industry.  

Studies include songwriting, acoustic guitar, vocals & in-studio recording sessions.

“When the student is ready; the Master arrives.”

Follow the Lemm1030 Studio blog for continued updates.

In LeAnna's free time,

Skiing, hiking, mountain biking, gardening, & exploring are a few favorite activities: 

As well as painting, photography, music & sharing time with family & friends.



Sat 4/15 @ 5:30

David Lawrence & The Spoonfuls

Masala Eats & Beats~ Surf Hotel


Wed. 4/19 @ 8:00pm

The Whiskey Sweets w/ Coleman Smith

The Lariat ~Open Mic~Buena Vista

Fri 4/21 @ 11am 

KHEN 106.9 radio ~Salida

The Whiskey Sweets w/ Coleman Smith

Mon 4/24 @ 6:30pm       

Wesley & Rose ~ Surf Hotel                

The Whiskey Sweets w/ Coleman Smith  & Coletrain Music Academy 

Wed 6/7 

Camp Coletrain CMA All- Stars

The Lariat~ Buena Vista


For more info email: [email protected]


Lemm1030's Blog

Our Latest Blog Entry

March 1, 2023

The month of March reminds me that spring is near and after a  dusting of snow that covers Main Street in this little mountain town, the sound of the birds singing is a good sign that spring is on its way.

There will be some “singing” tonight starting @7pm at The Lariat’s Open Mic.

Join The Whiskey Sweets @ 8pm.

Check out Lemm1030 Studio’s product sale this month.

Receive 10% of  Paul Mitchell Products.

The Studio is pre-booking for April.

Please allow 3-6 weeks for pre-booking appointments.

Happy March!

The Best is Yet to Come!

February 22, 2023

8 years ago this week, on a wing and a prayer,

I opened the doors to a little 150 sq. ft. hair studio in a little mountain town in the Arkansas River Valley.  

The studio is alittle bigger now and 

It is quite fascinating to watch a small mountain town grow into

a bigger, busier tourist town. 

There are many moving parts & I am learning that everyone has a part.

The word "community" is new to me and I am intrigued to watch this community unfold. 

In my quest to keep learning, 

a recent "101" in business reminded me that I can do hard things & do them well & that someday people will remember we are all on the same side.

Everyone has a part in the moving parts.

Save the date!

April 21 @ 11am

KHEN 106.9 Radio- Salida 

Join The Whiskey Sweets w/ Coleman Smith as we 

share some new music and Camp Coletrain 2023 info.

April 24 @ 6:30pm

Wesley & Rose - Surf Hotel

The Whiskey Sweets w/ Coleman Smith & Coletrain Music Academy

Happy 8th Anniversary Lemm1030 Studio!

Thank you for supporting small business's!

February 14, 2023

Happy Valentines Day!

Is today for Cupids shooting little arrows thru red hearts or as the

Daily Lama reminded me today,

maybe it can be a path to unconditional love. 

Daily Lama

While football games, ufo's & rumors of war cover the news narrative,

I try to grasp the daily task of finding unconditional love.

I've learned over the weeks & months that I can only find it in the moments. 

I send unconditional love today to my home state of Ohio.

From the crossroads of a small town off of Highway 42, where

the heaviness of grief lingers with every blink and to eastern Ohio where lives are being uprooted as unknown chemicals fill the sky, water  and ground.

I hope peace covers these communities.

The peace is there but only in the moments.

I shared this song a few blogs ago and it's a good day to share it again.

There is A Peace


Check out the new links for

The Whiskey Sweets and 

Camp Coletrain 

June 5-9, 2023

The Best is yet to come!

January 30, 2023

As days turn into weeks & weeks turn into months,

the moments are becoming more & more precious.

What is the  meaning of a "moment"?

*A brief, indefinite interval of time.

*A specific point in time, especially the present time.

*A point in time that is gratifying or noteworthy.

Some moments in music that are noteworthy coming up this week..

Monday, January 30 @ 6:30pm @ the Wesley & Rose

local musicians:Tom Plant & Bruce Hays 

Wednesday, Feb 1 @ 8pm @ the Lariat Open Mic

The Whiskey Sweets 


Lemm1030 Studio Paul Mitchell Liter sale is in stock thru February 

while supplies last.

Shop online at for home delivery.


Ive been doing some research on eggs and chickens...

The rabbit hole is deep!!

In my search for truth I found this link.. 

Off Grid with Doug and Stacy

The best is yet to come! 

January 24, 2023

It is the time in winter where the weather determines whether or not you go outside.

Whether it’s a cross country ski with my daughter, Sydney, and Ivy too 🐕 or a wind blown walk along the rivers edge, the cold weather does make you tougher. 

Learning Music Scales  also makes me tougher. 🎶 

The winter months bring with it more time for indoor music.

Join Aubrea & I of The Whiskey Sweets as we scale it up this January at Open Mic at the Lariat on 


We are learning new music every week.

Check out Monday night music at the Wesley & Rose inside the Surf Hotel.

Every Monday starting @ 6:30pm thru April.

Stay warm!

Stay tough!

Keep singing !

The best is yet to come!

January 5, 2023

Happy New Year!


The season between autumn & spring has settled into the high country. 

The wind blown, snow covered peaks of 14,000 ft. mountains rise above

the valley showing off their sovereignty that often leaves me in awe!

Mother Earth, Father Sky!

I am completely surrendered to this Divinity.

A new year once again shows how fast "time" goes.

However, I find time is now an illusion created to keep humans 


This is the "time" to rise up! 

Make the most of each moment and watch the universe WOW your soul.

The Best is yet to Come!


The Paul Mitchell Liter sale is now available at 

Lemm1030 Studio

thru February. (while supplies last)

Please note the studio prices for 2023 are available on the

"service" page of the website.

Effective January 1.

Lemm1030 allows pre-booking 6 months in advance.

Click on the BOOK NOW button to create your appointments.



Please join Coletrain Music Academy students

Sunday, January 8 @ the Lariat from 4-6pm for an open music jam.

December 1, 2023

There is a peace that the holiday season brings out in

most parts of humanity.

Possibly it is a glimmer of hope that there is a goodness yet

in this world that has not been stolen from our hearts.

I do have hope! 

Sometimes it is a small flicker and other times it is a giant light.

I do believe we all have a choice.

The battle between good and evil is real!

And we all have to choose a side!

Good wins!!

There is a Peace


 This Holiday season please join

Rock. Paper. Scissors & Lemm1030 Studio

for our 3rd annual Holiday Food & Toy  Drive. 

(see poster above)

We have partnered with students from BVHS this year 

to collect toys for TOYS FOR TIKES & are collecting non-perishable 

food items for the Arkansas Valley Christian Mission 

located in Buena Vista.

We have 5 convenient drop off locations here in BV.

Full Circle Reality

Intentions Spa-2 locations


Lemm1030 Studio


Lemm1030 Holiday Sale

Save 10% on all Paul Mitchell products & Holiday gift sets

thru December.

Shop online:  Paul Mitchell

Lemm1030 Studio 2023

desk top calendars are available f0r $12

Gift Certificates available.


Wishing you and your family a

wonderful December & holiday season.

The Best is yet to come!

November 17, 2022

"What are you thankful for"?

As the calendar date quickly glides across the month of

November, the holiday season draws a little closer everyday.

As a young child in 3rd grade, we were told the story of 

Pilgrims sharing their first meal with the Native Americans.

We learned to churn butter and prepared our own meal with 

the help of the teacher, Miss Thomas.

That's is a memory I am thankful for today!

It is a memory that makes me crave truth!

The truth, when I find it,

is something I am thankful for!



This past October 2, I had the incredible honor

of hosting my 3rd music jam along side of my friends and music family from Coletrain Music Academy. Coleman & Robin!

We went from a  barn yard to a ballroom in 3 years and it was a gift to be apart of this event.

Through your support, we were able to raise over $6,000 to put towards improvements to this amazing Academy.

A special thank you to the Selby family & the Surf Hotel for donating the incredible Ivy Ballroom for this event.

Enjoy this amazing moment with the Fruition Trio & my friend and music teacher, Coleman Smith.

Death Comes Knocking


Lemm1030 Studio product sale:

Buy 1

Paul Mitchell product,

receive 1- 

1/2 off.

*in stock items only

*valid thru 11/30/22

Lemm1030 Studio offers a cancellation list!

If you are interested in being added to the cancellation list

this holiday season, please email the studio or add your name

on your online account profile!

Happy Thanksgiving (everyday)

The Best is Yet to Come!

November 2, 2022

As my fingertips gently sit on the keyboard of my

computer, there are times when I lack the words to write 

on this blog.

I am learning that there will always be seasons of "change".

The definition & meaning of CHANGE:

a: to make different in some particular : ALTER

b: to make radically different : TRANSFORM

c: to give a different position, course, or direction to

I crave seasons and I crave change.

It reminds me of  a day in music class when my teacher said,

"do you want to strive for mediocre or strive for excellence"?

When seasons of change bang on the door of our 

comfort level, I believe the universe is gently guiding us.

Follow your intuition! 

Follow your gut!

Follow your heart!

Change can be loose coins in our pockets, or change can

be striving for better things!

I know one thing for sure:

The Best Is Yet to Come!

Happy November!

October 1, 2022 

October arrives with an autumn splash over the 

canvas of the Rocky Mountains & it is truly stunning!

Snow lightly covers the mountain peaks,

while Aspen and Cottonwood trees spread their gold leaves

thru the valley. 

Join Coletrain Music Academy & Lemm1030 Studio

for the 3rd annual Music Jam.

Sunday, October 2 @ 4pm.

The Whiskey Sweets, (with special guest Coleman Smith),

 will kick off the live music

@ 6:30pm at the Ivy Ballroom @ the Surf Hotel.

Followed by a special Fruition trio.

For tickets:

Fall Ballroom Jam

100% of this  amazing FUNdraiser will go towards

music education & growth in Chaffee County.

Save the Date!

October 6, 2022,

@ The Lariat @ 8:30pm

Join David Lawrence & the Spoonfuls for their official

Album Release Show. 

Tickets: LEAN IN


Lemm1030 Studio is pre-booking

 for the holiday season.  Allow 6 weeks for pre-booking.

October SALE:

Save 10% on all Paul Mitchell products thru October.

The Best is Yet to come!!

September 20, 2022

12 miles west of Clear Creek Reservoir in the Arkansas River Valley,

There are two ghost towns that you pass on a 

rutted  out dirt road saturated in the middle

 of Aspen groves:

Vicksburg and Winfield.

A 2 mile, 4x4 road takes you to a few trailheads that part ways and the trail I take heads west to Lake Ann.

A 8.7 mile round trip hike takes you to the 

stunning views of the Three Apostles and the beautiful teal waters of Lake Ann.

(Photos attached)

It is in these moments where the tree line, 

the towering mountain peaks and the sky join in 

perfect harmony..

“ Harmony- an orderly or pleasing combination of elements in a whole.”

This weekend there will be plenty of harmonies in 

The Meadows outside of Buena Vista.

Stop by the Coletrain Music Academy’s 

Kids  Music Camp Tent and say hello and join us for alittle tune and pick up an instrument and learn with us.

It will be a weekend to harmonize at the

Renewel Festival with Billy Strings.


Tickets are available for the

Harvest Jam on Sunday, October 2 at

The Surf Hotel.

Join us in this family, fun music event.

Tickets available @

The Whiskey Sweets will be @ The Lariat’s

Open Mic Tonight,

 Wednesday, Sept 21. @ 8pm

The best is yet to come!

September 7, 2022

One thing I have learned is 

that music will play anywhere.

Music plays in the car, or on a street corner.

Music plays in a small local bar, 

or an outside venue and in giant stadiums. 

Music  plays in a small church or a big cathedral.

Music plays in the wilderness, along a creek or river.

It sings thru the trees and whistles with the wind.

It plays in my town, your city and all the in-betweens.

This past Labor Day weekend the music did play!

It played in a giant field in Villa Grove, Colorado.

I had the amazing honor to participate in this years

Seven Peaks Music Festival in Villa Grove

as the Music Director for 

Coletrain Music Academy’s Kids Camp.

(Photos attached)

Learning from masters in the industry is truly an honor

that I will forever be grateful for.

Thank you Dierks Bentley,  Coletrain Music Academy

and  Rapidgrass for crushing it at

1,2,3,4,5,6,7 Peaks Villa Grove! 

The music will play!


The Whiskey Sweets will play again 

At the Lariat's Open Mic on September 21. TBD

After an amazing weekend of music I took some time 

to remember the moments.  

Listening to the rhythm and healing sounds of nature's

own music is a good way to start a new season!

Happy September!

The best is yet to come!

August 11, 2022

Growing up in the farm lands of central Ohio,

August was always considered the 

"dog days of summer"

According to the Old Farmer's Almanac,

the dog days last for 40 days 

and end on August 11. 

A fun book I've been reading this summer is called;

Running With Sherman

by: Christopher McDougall

It's about a Rescued Donkey from the Amish country

of Pennsylvania , that ran in the Burro races in the 

Colorado Rocky Mountains. 

This weekend is the triple crown of the 

3 week historic, burro races.

Gold Rush Days

Join Coletrain Music Academy 

David Lawrence & The Spoonfuls, ,

The CMA All-Stars and many more this weekend at

McPhelemy Park for amazing mountain music.

The Best is Yet to Come!

August 4, 2022 


August sails into summer quietly but brings

with it the reminder that autumn is not far behind.

The continuing monsoon season in the high country,

brings with it a vibrancy of color that is healing to the eyes and to the soul.  

A break from the noise and the busy of summer

is also healing to the soul.

To the west of Crested Butte, 

a dirt road can take you above the noise.

A favorite lake  and a day to hike my favorite ridge, 

Scarp Ridge

draped  me in just what I needed.

Mountains, waterfalls and lots of wild flowers.

(Photos attached )

Enjoy the moments!

Studio update:

Lemm1030 Studio is pre-booking thru December.

Online booking is available thru this website.

August Paul Mitchell sale .

10% off open stock

Semi-annual liter sale

JP Pet sale!


As a student of music, there are moments that

often leave me in awe.

2 weeks ago my friend Aubrea mentioned playing an Open Mic night and with two practices we named ourselves,

The Whiskey Sweets.

Wednesday night we spontaneously played 

an Open Mic and we will be back at 

The Lariat @ 9pm August 17,2022.

Join Aubrea, Darrin and I, along with some

 Coletrain Music Academy friends for some Mountain Music. 🗻🎼

Have a great August.

The best is yet to come!

July 22, 2022

As I drove 30 miles north on Thursday morning to a 

Favorite trailhead, this question kept 

coming over me.

“Where do the wild flowers grow?”

I see them along the highway, 

I see them in peoples yards;

As I climb a mountain dirt road,

As I cross the stream along a narrow path,

There they are!

As I pass tree tops and rise above the valley.

As I pass a giant boulder and walk along cathedral cliffs that tower against a perfect blue sky.

That’s where the answer lies.

That’s where the wild flowers grow.

I am learning that life begins and ends at tree line.

The place of transition.

The place of change.

The place you forget who you thought you were and become who your suppose to be.

(Photos attached)

Happy Birthday to my daughter, Sydney.

You make the fish smile 😊 🐠 and the world a better place!

Because Nature wins!

The best is yet to come!

*Save the date: October 2,2022 

More details for Barn Jam 3 coming soon.

July 18, 2022

Summer in the Colorado Rockies happens very quickly.

In a few short weeks, the magical scenery changes in a

blink of an eye.

Savoring the smells of a mountain breeze or 

a field of fresh wild flowers, sage, and pine makes any moment

a bit brighter. 

Another thing that makes a moment brighter;

Live music.

Join The Lawn @ The Surf this Wednesday for 

some fine mountain music.

Ghost Of Paul Revere

Enjoy the moments!

The Best is Yet to Come!

July 2, 2022


July may be one of the most colorful months in Colorado.

Seasonal Monsoon rains in the valley are helping prep for a stunning wildflower season. 

 It truly is magical!

As I find moments of what would be considered a

 "normal day", I reflect on the things that keep me moving forward. 

One of those things is music! 

Congratulations to my song writing instructor,

 David Lawrence and music teacher, Coleman Smith 

of Coletrain Music Academy on the debut of 

David Lawrence & the Spoonful's Album.

Check out the live, raw duo version of the title track-

"Lean In". 

Amazing stuff!!

The Paul Mitchell Liter sale will be

available thru  August, while supplies last.

To order online, visit

The Liter sale will be available in studio 

by mid month.

The Studio is prebooking for mid August.

Allow 8-10 weeks for pre-booking and booking is recommend thru the year.

Wishing you a great 4th of July weekend!

It is said this Holiday has been 

celebrated in this country since 1941. Brief History

The battles are real!! 

So is good and evil!

We all get to pick a side!

I choose good! 

If you follow precious metals;

It's a good time to check out silver.


Buckle UP!!


June 26, 2022

As a young girl I watched my mother Mary create her dream of becoming a 


She became an RN and worked in the ICU  for 28 years of a small county hospital.

Mary continued in her career until 2013 as a Hospice Nurse and helped set up and be a founding member of the Loving Care Hospice out of London, Ohio. Today, Loving Care is called Ohio Hospice and reaches across central Ohio.

In the last week, with the help of Hospice, my daughter, Sydney and I, 

along with family and friends were able to provide hospice care in my parents home for this amazing woman.

On Thursday, June 23 @ 10:03am, Mary went on into her eternal glory.

Here is a short story of Mary

Mary Louise Miller

I am reminded at all times that life comes down to the seconds and the moments.

Thank you for taking a moment to read my blog.

The best is yet to come!

June 13, 2022

As the month of June blazes by, I am grateful for the moments to reflect, recharge and keep moving forward.


June of 2022 brings along with it gas prices that

make my stomach turn.

In 2 years time, small businesses were considered non-essential and  inflation and taxes are soaring. 

What was $1.97 for gas quickly turned to $4.99.

What happens when $4.99 seems cheap for gas?

I will always ask questions and 

I will always seek truth.


A late spring, over night get-a-way with my daughter,

Sydney (and Ivy roo),

made for incredible memories, some good laughs and some deep thoughts.

We figure that eventually we will figure it out.

But one thing is for sure, Nature wins!

Photos in gallery.

*Moving Forward:

This week I have the amazing opportunity to attend my 3rd Camp Coletrain.

The honor and gift to learn and study under 

These amazing musicians blows my mind.

Check out An Evening with 

Coletrain Music Academy All-Stars

This Wednesday,June 15 @ 6:30pm. 

The Lawn @ South Main

Here’s to a summer of truth!

The Best is Yet to Come!

June 1, 2022

As a kid growing up in rural,

 central Ohio,

I would head out the front door of 

an old White House, 

shuffle along a jagged sidewalk ,

 cross a small,  tar graveled

 road and walk thru the front doors of the  childhood church I grew up in.

Back then, 

the doors were always unlocked in this small brick church.

I would reach up to open the fuse box

and hit the one fuse that fired up the  one microphone at the pulpit.

Singing into a microphone as loud as I could as a young kid was always  

healing and so much fun.

Music is healing! 🎶 


I believe this is the summer for healing!!


Just recently my music instructor said to me,

“Go and Sing  the “F?}[\K” out of that song!!

So with a microphone in hand I did just what my teacher said,

I sang the F?{]|K out of our song!

Just like that young girl singing at the pulpit,

Music is so healing and so much fun!

Thank you to my friends,


for sharing your amazing gifts with the

Arkansas Valley this past weekend.

It is an honor to hold a microphone next to you. 🎤  

It’s a summer of mountain music!!

Check out South Main’s summer concert series,

Starting June 1 @ The Lawn.

Rebirth Brass Band

Check out Lemm1030’s in studio 

Paul Mitchell June promo’s.

* 10% off JPMS products

* Buy and 3 JP Pet products &

Receive a complimentary 

JP PET travel bowl. $11 value

To shop online visit:

Paul Mitchell 

Free shipping over $50.

The best is yet to come!

Friday, May 27, 2022

Happy Memorial Weekend!

Here’s a little history:

Memorial Day, originally called 

“Decoration Day”,

 began after the Civil War in 1868 to honor the fallen men and woman 

in the US military and to decorate their graves.

In 1971, it became a federal holiday.

Thank you to all our Military Branches for protecting our “Freedom”. 

As the skies in the valley have cleared 

and the snow has melted away, 

 summer has officially arrived. 

Join the Surf Hotel for a weekend of live music.

Also, Bluegrass on the Arkansas is this weekend in Salida.

Join my music instructor, Coleman and friends with Rapidgrass Sunday evening at the River Park @ 6:45pm

Lemm1030 Studio promotions thru June.

Buy any 3 JP Pet products and receive a 

complimentary JP PET travel bowl. ($11 value)

Stock up on your favorite 

summer hair  products.

The studio is taking appointments

 for August at this time. Prebooking is recommended.

The best is yet to come! 🇺🇸 


 I am quit drawn to the Arkansas River 

and the paths that lead me there.

I often like building a “cairn” to remind me of which way I should go, or I anxiously look for them when needing guidance on a path.


A man-made pile (stack) raised for a purpose,

Usually as a marker;

To mark a summit or a trail marker.

As the Arkansas River Valley watches 

over 2 feet of snow melting, it feels like a cleansing.

Everything looks and feels brighter.

Almost like the path ahead of me has a purpose and if I follow the “cairns” of life, I will safely reach my destination. 

The best is yet to come!



I have no words! 

In the last 8 days, I have often said,

"I have no words"

I have heard, seen & felt the absolute lows of sorrow & grief


I have heard, seen & felt the absolute highs of gratitude & light.

If I have a purpose in this life, I now know it can only be

for the greater good.

I have shared seconds & moments in the last week

that will forever keep me moving forward.

Thank you to my music instructor & friends;

Coleman, Charlie, Mark and Matthew for making 

the moments of this day magical. I will forever be

thankful for your gifts, time and talent.


Coletrain Music Academy

As we round into the summer season-

as a parent of a First Responder;

Please keep First Responders,

Search & Rescue,

 State, County & local Police Officers,

Fire Fighters & Medics 

 in your hearts. ❤️

Thank you for who you are and what you do!


Every Step!

Every Second!

It's all in the seconds!

The best is yet  to come!!



MAY Days!!

I was recently reminded that life comes 

down to the seconds.

A couple definitions for “seconds”:

* A unit in time equal to one sixtieth of a minute.

* A brief interval of time; A Moment.

I even learned that “Seconds” are also an adjective 


* Having a lower pitch.

*Singing or playing a part having a lower range.

I will be forever in awe of the seconds 

inside the moments.

I spent my Mothers Day weekend saturated in 

family, music, nature and wind.

I had the honor to listen to my amazing daughter Sydney’s adventures in Nepal, and we had some time to sit by the Arkansas River and reflect about the seconds we are given.

Dhanyavaad, is THANK YOU in the Nepali language.

I recently told my

music instructor,  that I have no English word in my vocabulary for a word larger than "thank you". 

Dhanyavaad to Coletrain Music Academy and everything you do 

and for who you are to this community. SO GRATEFUL!!

I have to sit in the seconds and remember every moment is a gift and I have the choice to use it for the greater good.

That is my only option:

Enjoy the seconds and make it for the greater good!

Join the Surf Hotel for an evening with Andrew Marlin of Watchhouse 

a.k.a.(Mandolin Orange)

Click here for TICKETS:

The best is yet to come!

See attached photos  in gallery ❤️🙏


Happy Earth Day!

It is said that the first Earth day was celebrated

April 22, 1970.

To help celebrate clean air, land & water.

I would like to make it earth day everyday! 

How can we help? 

Celebrate Earth Month

22 years ago I had the incredible  opportunity 

to attend my first John Paul Mitchell Systems 

National Educator training program.

Within these years I have been given the gift 

to study, train , learn & work along side 

many incredible Artists in the industry.

In the past few weeks my studying skills 

have been stretched.

I have learned that I can settle for mediocre 

Or I can keep growing and strive for excellence.

It’s a daily choice I have been given.

I recently told my music instructor, 

Coleman and his wife Robin that the gift I’ve been given as a student at Coletrain Music Academy;

Is that not only does my teacher believe in me,

but my teacher helps me  believe in myself.

“When the student is ready,

The teacher arrives.”

That is GOOD stuff!

More good stuff!

Congrats to my instructor & friends

Coleman, Alex, Charlie & Mark with  Rapidgrass

See you this Labor Day weekend at

Seven Peaks Music Festival.

Join Coletrain Music Academy & students 

*Saturday,May 7 @ 1pm.

 @ Darren Patterson Christian Academy

in Buena Vista for an afternoon of song and dance.

I will have the honor playing along side of 

current Coletrain students as well as share 

an original song I wrote and collaborated with Coleman.

For more info & tickets: Spring Showcase

The Best Is Yet to Come!


As I write  this morning, a snow squall is coming thru

the  section of the Arkansas River Valley that I live.

Dark grey skies with high winds and blowing snow.

The storms in life can move in quick.

As a student of music  (& life), 

I realize that things can move quick.

A week ago, I called a metronome a metrodome.

As I learn to measure time in music,

I can often be found counting.. 1,2,3,4,2,2,3,4,3,2,3,4,,,




~A device used to mark time by means of regularly recurring ticks or flashes at adjustable intervals.

~A mechanical contrivance for marking time, especially as an aid in musical study or performance.

Enjoy the moments in time! 

Even if you feel like your just counting!!

Every count counts~~~

The Best is Yet to Come!


The first week of April is filled with 

a lot of wind, some snow, some sunshine and some upcoming events.

Save the date 

Wednesday, April 13 @ 7pm

Mr. Sun concert @ 

the Congregational United Church of Christ.

For more information click the links.

Coletrain Music Academy

Mr. Sun Band

Lemm1030 Studio is pre-booking 

for the summer season.

Please allow 6-8 weeks for pre-booking.

The studio recommends pre-booking appointments in advance to be guaranteed a summer time slot.

The best is yet to come.

🐇 🕳 

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The Best is yet to come! 


The last weekend of March 2022 was a reminder that spring is here. 

From sunshine to snow- all in a day;

there can be a few weather options to embrace.

Sharing  time with my family  along the 

Arkansas River can make any spring day complete.

Watching some early season kayakers,

Long horn sheep, fly fishing and just being still along the waters edge.

That’s a good start to spring. (Photos in gallery)

The best is yet to come!


Recently I took a morning stroll along the Arkansas River.

As I sat by the river against a majestic Ponderosa Pine tree, I was listening to a podcast of Hopi Elders

sharing their stories and prophecy.

The Hopi are considered  the oldest of the native people and are also descended from the Anasazi. 

(more about  the Anasazi in the

October blog)

During this moment, I was gifted the amazing opportunity to see a bald eagle.

It is a rare opportunity, but one that when given sends shivers thru every cell.

(photo in gallery)

I call it Eagle Medicine:


-connection to Sprit

-messenger from Spirit

-higher perspective of a situation

-strength and courage 


Nature wins!

The best is yet to come.

Check out these local music events 

April 13,2022 7pm

Mr. Sun concert 

May 7, 2022 3-7pm

Buena Veno Wine Festival

 @Surf Hotel

(flyer available in photo gallery)

3/15/22 5:30pm

The start of this week brings with 

it more light. 

I do love springing forward while 

saturating  myself with inspiring and creative folks.

This past weekend was filled with 

a lot of sunshine & 

a lot of mountain music.

Being a full time student of music is an amazing gift that I have been given at this time &  I require a lot of band width to keep learning.

A few days ago I couldn’t spell cello.

Nor did I know exactly what instrument it was.

Cello: A bass, bowed stringed instrument of the violin family. It’s 4 strings are usually tuned in perfect fifths.

This week I have the honor to sing, play & record with the amazing 

 Cellist, Thea Brown from 

Fort Worth,TX.

(Photo bottom left in gallery)

Looking forward to a season of beautiful mountain music.

Stay tune for more details in the blog for summer music.

When the world all around feels a bit unstable,

I like some good humor.

Sometimes life is funny!

Sometimes it isn’t!

Here’s 15 minutes 

with JP Sears.

Most dangerous man

There are 2 choices:




I choose good.

The best is yet to come!!

3/5/22 11:40am


The first few days of March brings with it

A lot of blue skies & sunshine, 

a lot more snow &

the amazing sound of more birds chirping in the morning sunrise.

It also brings uncertainty and the feeling of;

“What is really going on in this world”?

My new favorite word is:

Cognitive dissonance.

One meaning is;

‘A state of discomfort felt when two or more modes of thought contradict each other;

The clashing cognitions may include ideas & beliefs & can cause unease & tension.’

Some of the words that cause my 

cognitive dissonance are:



* Tom Hanks

*Red pill


*human trafficking 



*dumbs (deep underground military bases)


2 years ago this month, My small business,

that was considered non- essential 

 closed its doors to help “flatten the curve”,

for a virus that was suppose to last 2 weeks.

Here I am 2 years later with an understanding of how different the world is today but how 

the same it still is.

I am grateful for this journey and what it has taught me.

I know now it is OK to ask why?

I know it’s OK to seek truth!

I know it’s OK!

It has to be OK.

Good will always win.

Some resources that help my day move along:

The Daily Lama

And We Know

The Best is yet to come!

2/22/22 7:22am

Today is 2’s day!

On this Twosday, 

I embrace the present moment of a

powder packed snow storm coming into the valley and sharpen the edge of my skis in preparation.

I also am in absolute awe that

Lemm1030 Studio is celebrating its 7th anniversary this week 

in beautiful 

Buena Vista, Colorado.

I am so grateful for the  amazing support from studio guests, the surrounding community and 

the John Paul Mitchell Systems family that continues to educate and inspire the industry.

A little astronomy lesson;

On 2/22/22 the planet Pluto will complete a full revolution for the first time since July 4, 1776,

Signaling the rebirth of Nations and returning power to the people.

Take back your power & 

remember who you are on this 

2’s day.

The best is yet to come!

Good wins!

Sound of Freedom 

February 16,2022 3:15pm

I often question why bad things happen to good people.

Since I seek answers I did some research and I found one answer that makes sense.

‘Good people suffer because they are good- as they say they must help people suffering. By doing this they absorb the pain themselves. 

Too much empathy becomes a problem and leads to 


Reading and re-reading this quote helps, but I sure was reminded 

during a recent cross country drive in 22 hours that we never know what goes on behind closed doors. Nor can I ever question the journey people are on and that I will never understand unless I am walking in those shoes.

With that reminder,

I sit in the moments where I find 

the peace, love and happiness and I choose to spread that to the tops of these amazing peaks that surround this valley and beyond.

It ripples down the 

Arkansas River Valley and I hope we will all remember that the 

best is yet to come. 

Good wins!!

February 8, 2022


Join the 

Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking in

collaboration with Buena Vista Hope for important training on how human trafficking is impacting our state and region.

Thursday, February 17 


Buena Vista Community Center

715 E Main St

For more information contact:

[email protected]

February 1, 2022


Tree line is defined as a division above which trees should tend not to grow on the mountain;

The edge of habitat at which trees are capable of growing.

I am drawn to the tree line.

The edge at which I find many 

divine places of growth.

Every season brings a new opportunity to explore the tree line.

From high alpine mountain lakes & wild flowers of summer to the clear blue bird days of winter .

(photos bottom left)

Trees are free to hold the line.

To be free is to be relieved of what  restrains, confines, restricts and binds.

And We Know

the best is yet to come!

January 26, 2022 12:08pm

As a child, I remember driving with my dad, Andy,

in a Peterbilt semi while he worked for a local fertilizer and trucking company outside of Plain City, Ohio.

I would ride shotgun or hang out in the sleeping cab or pretend I was talking CB talk on the CB radio.

I recall BJ & the Bear, Smokey & the Bandit and other mother trucker movies that showed the American spirit.

When’s the last time we’ve seen a convoy?

Check out what’s happening in Canada and do some research as censorship is real.

Freedom Convoy 2022

Enjoy this classic music video from 1978.

C.W McCall -Convoy

Amazing times. 

The best is yet to come!

January 12, 2022 4pm

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January brings some colder, windier days and 

it seems ol’man winter is taking its time this winter season.

Yet, I came to Colorado for the winters, but I stayed for the summers.

Whether it’s sharing a blue bird cross country ski with my daughter, Sydney (and Ivy too), 😁

Or standing at the top of the Continental Divide,

getting ready to drop into some 

(unexpected) moguls.

Seasons bring with them change.

(Photos bottom left)

I seek change as much as I seek truth.

What is true?

Time will tell,until then

“The best is yet to come”


January 4, 2022 6pm


Thank you to the participating Buena Vista

Main Street business’s:


The Villiage

Main St. Dental

Cause + Medic Spa

Lemm1030 Studio

Together with the help of our local community we 

raised  $440 for our local Ark Valley Mission thru raffle ticket sales.

Winners of the raffle will be notified this week.

2022 brings new dreams, new ideas and lots of creativity.

Write your story and write it well.

Lemm1030 Studio photography 

2022 calendars are available for $25

Portion of proceeds will go to 

BV Hope

Thank you for raising 

human trafficking awareness in Chaffee County.

The best is yet to come!

December 22, 2021


Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

As we round the calendar to the last few days of the year, I am always humbled.

Thank you to our local Chaffee County community for the amazing donations collected for our 2nd annual 

Holiday Food drive.

10 large boxes of non- perishable food items were dropped off Tuesday, 12/21 to our local mission.

Rock.Paper.Scissors and Lemm1030 Studio will make one more cash donation Tuesday 12/28.

Raffle tickets are available at Rock.Paper Scissors, Cause Medic Spa, The Villiage, Main Street Dental and Lemm1030 Studio.

The best is yet to come!

Merry Christmas!

December 2, 2021

Happy Holidays!

Some fun, exciting things happening on 

Main Street thru December.


Now thru December 20,

Drop off 5 or more non-perishable food items at

Rock.Paper.Scissors and/or Lemm1030 Studio

And receive 10% off your product purchases.

Thank you for helping us give back to our 

local community.

Holiday Open House

December 17, 2021



Rock.Paper.Scissor, Cause+Medic, Main Street Dental, Hart Baker and Lemm1030 Studio 

for a block Holiday Christmas Open House.

The Rocky Mountain sunrises have been amazing thru our extended Indian Summer.

Photo credit: Lemm1030 Studio

Sangre de Christo mountain range

bottom left

“Blood red sky over the “blood of Christ”

The best is yet to come!!

November 3, 2021 


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A definition for Thanksgiving:

“An expression of gratitude”

The best is yet to come!

"The light exposes the darkness"

 Charlie Ward/ Clay Clark 

October 28, 2021 11:30am

I am very intrigued by history. 

On my quest to keep learning, I have traveled several times this year to study the Anasazi ( Navajo Native Indian meaning, “the ancient ones”).

At Mesa Verde, I placed my fingers  in the fingerprints of the ancient ones from over 1,000 + years ago.

Or climbing to the top of Chimney Rock to see the vast lands that the Anasazi walked.

This week, I crawled thru door ways and windows of the sacred walls of

Chaco Canyon’s, Pueblo Bonito . (850a.d-1150a.d )

It is life changing to be apart of moments as these and to try and comprehend how very short, yet magical our time here is.

Goes along with the words to a new song my friend & music instructor

Coleman and I  have been working on in class. 

“ Thinking to fast “

‘We are making the most of our time, of our days.’Coletrain Music Academy

Photo credit by: Lemm1030 Studio

Chaco Canyon bottom left.

The best is yet to come-wwg1wwa

October 18, 2021

For quit some time I have been fascinated with the Kennedys and 

their love of family, truth & freedom.

Still fascinated!

This is a 15 minute video from Robert F Kennedy Jr. from August 2021.

A Message from RFK JR. 

The best is best to come!

October 1, 2021

Happy October!

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the storm upon us

An early autumn hike with my daughter, Sydney 

this past Tuesday led us up 

to Scarp Ridge west of Crested Butte.

 (photos to bottom left)

Scarp Ridge

The hike started in sunshine and soon followed with light snow.

At the ridge, we took in the tremendous views and were quickly humbled by the storm that came upon us.

Thunder, lightening and heavy, wet snow. Also known as graupel. 

All the prep we take for hiking, quickly unraveled as we made our way quickly and swiftly to safety.

Our story is just a story now, but we all have a story to tell about the storms that come upon us.

I experienced many lessons and gifts that day.

I will never take Mother Earth for granted 

Or  the incredible power and strength we are each given

If we choose to believe and remember we are here for a purpose. 

Have a great October.

The best is yet to come!!

September 22, 2021 7pm

Autumn 🍂 

New Lemm1030 Studio photo tiles arrive this week..

So many beautiful places to explore.

Portion of photo tile sales are donated to help 

further the finer arts of 

Chaffee County, CO & beyond.

Paul Mitchell’s newest Tea Tree category,

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Take a moment and enjoy the beauty.

The best is yet to come! 

September 7, 2021 11am

The photo of my daughter Sydney & I, ( and ivy too) 

was taken on Labor Day, 2021. (below left)

It is in an area we like to call, “holy ground”.

It's just north of town along the Arkansas River.

The remnants of history go back to the gold miners, 

the historic railroad line(s), the Native American Ute tribes & beyond.

There is so much history!

Does history repeat itself?

There should be so many questions!

I have many and I seek truth!

Have a great week & remember, " the best is yet to come"!

God wins!


September 1, 2021

Thank you to our local community for the 

donations for the Back to School Drive.

Donations were dropped off at Avery-Parsons Elementary on 8/30/21. Thank you to Rock.Paper.Scissors & Cause + Medic for your participation.

Thank you Gary Spellman, Peace.Love.Happiness  

& John Paul Mitchell Systems for your continued  

support & friendship. 🙏

Visit Lemm1030’s new online store.

Enjoy every moment!

Photo credit:

Lemm1030 Studio

August 1, 2021

Back to school supply drive 

August 2-30.

Drop off locations:


Cause+Medic Spa

Lemm1030 Studio


​Due to censorship, 

I have taken down my social media platforms. 

So, a blog it is!


As many stylists in the industry take 

CE hours for our state issued Board License, I often was curious as to why in Ohio we had to take  CE hours for Human Trafficking Awareness.  On July 30, 2021, it was worldwide National Human Trafficking Awareness day.  As I promoted this on Instagram, my 2 accounts were disabled. I enco​urage everyone to do your own research. If you are unaware of what is happening in our country and on  our borders, you may want to take a peak. 

Censorship is real!

If it happened to me, who else is being censored?

It's a deep rabbit hole! 

I have added resources under the cv-19 page. Click on link at the top of page. 

This week Clay Clark & Charlie Ward name drop on this weeks bomb of digital news.    Click here for link

Sheriff Mack & Simon Parkes

Click here for link

Lemm1030 Studio is taking a new approach,

that requires leading with kindness, love and truth. 

Always a great road to travel.  

I will be attending my 2nd music workshop this week with

Coletrain Music Academy.  

Join us:

Thursday, August 5,2021


The Lawn @ S. Main Town Square

Paul Mitchell Liter Sale

Grab your favorites while supplies last.

Visit Lemm1030 Studio's new online store. 


photo credit:

Lemm1030 Studio